180×200 cm cold fluff topper

Many people, therefore, upgrade their bed with a topper. These comfort pads are placed on the mattress to optimize the feeling of lying. But do you even need a mattress topper and what should you pay attention to when buying? Everything worth knowing can be found here.

The models made of cold fluff are quite breathable, as they have an open cell structure. Therefore, these products are particularly suitable for people who sweat more during the night. Allergy sufferers are particularly well advised with a mattress topper made of cold fluff. Although cold fluff provides very good body support, it is not comparable to memory foam models.

Mattress topper made of visco foam

A mattress topper made of visco is the most popular variant because memory foam adapts very well to the body weight and body shape of the sleeping person. People with neck or back problems can distribute the pressure evenly over the entire surface. Some users notice a certain amount of heat in this material, which is rarely affected and often welcomed as an advantage in winter. Models with good air circulation can help. A specialist can advise you well here. Buy best mattress katy now.

Comparison of latex toppers

A comfort pad for the mattress made of a high-quality latex

Latex mattress toppers are very dimensionally stable and durable. It does not matter whether it is natural latex or synthetic latex. The main thing is that it is a high-quality material. The pads made of latex are a little more expensive but can be used longer than traditional toppers. The comfort of lying is ensured by the very good elasticity of the individual pressure centers such as shoulder and pelvis.

Gel topper 180×200 cm in the test

Gel topper, or gel foam called, was originally developed for medicine, but is increasingly being used in mattresses or pads its application. Often, the gel is also mixed with other materials such as cold fluff or viscose foam to enhance the positive properties. Gel toppers are especially good for sleepers who move a lot during the night or pain sensitive patients with shoulder, back or hips problems.