Buy Latex Mattress: What to pay attention to?

Since latex mattresses made of natural rubber are associated with a high purchase price, you should pay attention to some factors before buying to avoid a bad buy while still saving a lot of money.

Also, when buying a latex mattress from Houston mattresses store the volume weight plays an important role in the first place. The latex mattress comparison has shown that mattresses with a higher density are considered higher quality and longer lasting than their low-density products. A latex mattress with a low volume weight usually brings with it a high proportion of air pores, which favor faster wear of the mattress – the lying child is usually the result. Natural latex mattresses can usually show a volume weight of 70 – 90 kg / m³, which is accompanied on the one hand with high longevity, on the other hand with a correspondingly high weight.

Before buying a latex mattress, you should also take a closer look at the domestic slatted frame. Due to their high flexibility, latex mattresses can generally be combined with different types of slatted frames – but the best are tightly arranged, springy and arched wooden slats for a latex mattress.

Hardness & lying areas for optimal lying comfort

Last but not least, the degree of hardness is of great importance in the personal search for a latex mattress: so that anyone can find the right mattress for his personal physique, his size and weight, the manufacturers offer their latex mattresses in different degrees of hardness.

Latex mattresses are sold in hardness H1, H2 or H3: H1 is basically suitable for persons with a body weight of up to 60 kilograms, for a mattress in hardness H2 you should bring between 60 and 80 kilograms on the scales and latex mattresses with hardness H3 is however suitable for persons with a body weight from 80 kilograms.

In addition to the degree of hardness and the number of zones and the height of the mattress is important: For normal weight persons, a height of 12-16 centimeters for a comfortable feeling of lying sufficiently. With a higher body weight, one should instead opt for a mattress from a height of 16 centimeters, to prevent back pain and another physical discomfort.