Mattress for side sleepers

A spring mattress for side sleepers

A mattress with innerspring consists of the core of individual feathers usually covered with foam, which provide a very good point elasticity or surface elasticity.

A cold fluff mattress for side sleepers

A 7-zone cold fluff mattress is considered ideal, even a 5-zone mattress is suitable, as long as a shoulder zoning is incorporated. It is characterized by a high point elasticity and breathability.

Am I a true side sleeper?

Not every mattress is equally recommended for every type of sleep. You want restful sleep, but if the mattress is not designed to support your spine on the side, it does not help. Do it right and ask your partner in advance, in which sleeping position you sleep overnight. Are they really side sleepers or do you tend to sleep on the side for a while and then change their sleeping position frequently during the night? If this is the case you should better choose an active sleeper mattress.

Side sleeper with back problems    

Why do side sleepers often have back pain? Is it the wrong mattress? There are many different factors for a painfully tight back. However, since we spend about a third of our entire life mostly sleeping on a mattress, it is obvious that it can come to misplacement in this slow-moving time. This results mostly in connection with lack of exercise chronic tension in the muscles. But how does a mattress support page sleepers to the right extent? What is important is a balance between pressure loading and support of the spinal apparatus for straightening the spine. Sleepers lying on their side often complain of tensions in unzoned and hard mattresses. Therefore, modern brand mattresses are always divided into different fixed zones. Do not miss to visit our Mattress Sale Scottsdale section for the best deal.

The right pillow also plays an important role, because too high or too low pillows overstretch or dive the cervical spine. A good pillow for side sleepers must, therefore, be adapted to the distance between the shoulder and the head. There are even models with an extra long dimension that you can clamp between your knees.