Mattresses at a glance: Advantages in detail

There are different mattress types that potential buyers can choose between. The most popular types include the spring mattress, the cold fluff mattress, the latex mattress, and the viscous mattress. We have examined these mattresses under the magnifying glass and put here all the advantages of each mattress together.

Spring mattress: Available in different variations

The spring mattress got its name, not by chance: The mattress core is made of sturdy steel springs, which are surrounded by padding. Due to different wire thicknesses and stresses of the springs, different lying zones are created. In addition to the conventional spring mattresses with Bonell springs, which is made for comfort and noise because of only rarely, there are still pocket. In mattresses with pocket spring cores, the individual springs are covered by a textile bag, which should counteract the formation of noise and increase the comfort and longevity of the mattress.


  • Usually reasonably priced
  • good air circulation
  • High supporting power
  • Optimal sleep climate
  • High body weight recommended

Cold fluff mattress: The classic mattress

The core of a cold fluff mattress consists of the eponymous cold fluff, which is the result of polyurethane foam. The curing of this foaming takes place at low temperature without the supply of heat – in contrast to the hot foam. The raw mass of the cold fluff mattress is usually placed in a foaming mold and then foamed with Co2 as a propellant or with water before drying and curing. Advantages

  • High supporting power
  • Low weight
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Completely noise-free
  • Excellent point elasticity
  • Good heat insulation

Latex mattress: made of natural latex for ecological sleeping

Latex mattresses made of conventional or natural latex are now on the rise – and not without reason: Just a natural latex mattress proves to be equally hygienic as well as particularly environmentally friendly. Conventional latex mattresses are made of rubber and can be made of synthetic or mixed latex. The preparation of a latex mattress is carried out in the vulcanization process by pouring the latex mixture into a steel mold and heating it.


  • Very hygienic
  • Good adaptability
  • noise free
  • Low susceptibility to mite infestation

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