What to look for when buying a baby mattress?

Harmful substances

In addition to a comfortable position, the absence of pollutants should always be the most important criterion of the mattress. Since babies do not yet have a functioning immune system, they can not defend themselves against possible pollutants themselves. Controversial ingredients can also be triggers for allergies. The quality labels of the manufacturers provide information on whether the selected mattress is pollutant-free.

Good and long airing before using the baby and child mattress for the first time should, of course, be for parents. Incidentally, an initially unpleasant odor when unpacking the mattress does not have to come from a pollutant load. The typical for many mattresses volatile odors usually pass very quickly when stored in a well-heated and ventilated room.


Good children’s mattresses can be made of different materials. There is, therefore, a selection of foam, natural fiber and cold fluff mattresses available on the market. Combinations of these materials are also commercially available. Pure foam or latex mattresses are not recommended, as they are usually too soft for the little ones. There is specially latexed coconut. Alternatively, high-quality horsehair mattresses are available. It is important to know that there must always be turned regularly so that the hair does not press too much against each other.


When choosing the right mattress, parents should always choose a slightly harder one. This reduces the risk of the baby’s head sinking too much and possibly making it difficult to breathe. Because the child lies too low in his pad, the breathing air can escape harder and CO2 accumulates. Physicians assume that this circumstance could also be a cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


A children’s mattress should have a pore or honeycomb structure. The properties of these structures optimally regulate the heat and prevent any accumulation of heat.

Supporting capacity

Good mattresses also help babies and children sleep. The spine still in development needs an elastic but at the same time supportive support for healthy growth. See product on mattress houston tx online store.